About Us 

Preserved MV is not a formal organization nor is it affiliated with one. We are a sole entity which helps with the preservation of the historical places around the United States. We do not profit from this advocacy, but the fulfillment we get is more than any type of compensation we can receive. 


We started this because of the noticeable decline of individuals who can recognize the historical establishments and landmarks around their area. They pass by these places without recognizing that some time a long time ago, these played a role in the growth of their community – that there are people who lived in these buildings who once became important entities in their locale. This can be attributed to the lack of information available to them which exactly what this website hopes to address. 


Preserved MV takes advantage of the internet which has become an important source of information for people from all walks of life. By using their language, we believe that we have a better chance of reaching out to them to get them to relearn about the rich history their cities can offer. We reintroduce to them historical facts that could interest them so that the past stories won’t just die in the background. As a consequence, the history of the cities in the United States can hopefully propagate. 


The historical landmarks and buildings in the United States each has its own stories. They sometimes feature a story of valor and courage. They can also give you a story of kindness. This can be inspiring during your saddest days and can make you proud anytime you are losing your faith in humanity. Truly, such histories should not be shadowed by new stories brought about the modern world. If you are looking for a good place where you can have a good walk down memory lane, then do not hesitate to check out our website.