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Can I request for a specific place to be featured? 


For all of your requests, be sure to email us about it. We’ll give you the most recent information about the historical place you wish to get featured. From what it has already become through the years, to what is next for them. We’ll even give you a sneak peek to then and now so you can give a complete background check on what has changed throughout those years.  


Do you have exclusive content that is accessible only to members? 


Membership is not necessary for this site. The content we have here is free for all. Our advocacy is to actually create a platform wherein we can freely disseminate information about the historical buildings and landmarks that can be found throughout the United States. We cannot achieve this if we are going to ask guests to register as members first before they can access the content of this site. So to answer the question, we do not have web content that is not visible to the general public. 


Do we need to pay for anything on this site? 


No, you don’t. All of the content here is for free. Just in case you want to sign up for our newsletter, this is free for all as well. All you need to do is to register using a valid email address so that we can send to you a confirmation link for your registration.