Garage Door Repair

If your garage door is older or outdated, you will have to upgrade it. There are plenty of garage door new designs are available with the additional features of windows, colors, and textures.

You can select the one which will represent your lifestyle and enhance the architecture and value of your home. There are plenty of garage door companies like, Douglasville garage door repair company that offers a wide variety of garage doors according to your need, preferences, and budget.

A garage door is a very valuable investment, not only it looks attractive but it can also provide security to your home. A garage door might stop functioning suddenly. There are plenty of elements that can possibly go wrong with the garage door. Therefore, it is essential to learn more about garage door troubleshooting techniques to keep your garage door in a good running position.

  • Check the garage door operation by hand. Check the master switch to determine whether it is working or not. If the master switch is working well then it means that the garage door sensor, remote, or antenna might be the problem. If they work, there might be running gear and electrical systems that caused problems.
  • Check the garage door motor. It is prone to many problems. But if you are confident about what is going wrong with the motor, check if it is hot or not. If it is, allow it to be cool for about 15 minutes. After attaching it, test the garage door again.
  • Inspect the garage door sensor. Garage door sensors might be overlooked. If it is misaligned, damaged, or obstructed then it will make your remote useless. If the garage door is aligned properly, there may something like, dust or cobwebs that obstruct the path of the sensor.
  •  Check the garage door remote. There is a possibility that the garage door remote is not responding. Check if garage door remote has low batteries. Replace the batteries to make them working again. Also, check the button of the garage door remote.
  • Check the running gears of a garage door. There is a possibility that the garage door is not working properly due to the non-functioning running gears. Garage door sprockets or and gears might be worn out and need lubrication or replacement. This is why; you will have to put special attention to this matter.
  • Check the garage door wiring. If everything is working well and plugged in completely, all the running gear looks strong then it might be an electric system of garage door which is a problem. There is a possibility that wires are broken and the circuit is fused.

Before choosing the professional garage door repair, it is essential to conduct some troubleshooting tests to determine what is going wrong with the garage door. You can fix many problems by yourself. But it is wise to hire a professional garage door repair company to take the benefits of expert services.