Barbie V. 


So glad for this site. Without this, I won’t even know that there is a used to be garrison place here in our city. I never knew it until my friend stumbled to Preserved MV. We went there immediately to visit and guess what we saw! We saw there were so many artifacts that remained from the war before. It was a bit overwhelming but educational as well. There was an old man there who enthusiastically told us one story after another. Apparently, his granddad used to be a soldier before and was one of the soldiers who fought during those times. Very interesting indeed. 


Lucas S. 


My past time includes exploring histories of different places. In fact, I travel far and wide not only here in the United States but in other countries as well just to be able to walk back to the past. Artifacts greatly interest me. I love listening to old stories especially if the storytellers are knowledgeable. This is why this website greatly fascinates me. This serves as my checklist to see what places I already explored and what should be next to my agenda. It gives me something to look forward to. I really hope that after they are done with collecting much information about historical landmarks in the United States, they can start checking our historical places outside of it. This really serves as a great help for travelers like myself. 


Barnaby W. 


I’ve never been into history. I’m not very fond of it. But when I managed to accidentally land to this website, my preferences changed. I became interested now in places nearby where I can explore places that were important in the past. There I managed to learn so many things and it helped me a lot in understanding the beliefs of people here in our community and why some things are the way they are.