You can check them out at the historical records and see how truthful our words are

Preserving History for the Next Generations 


History is what established the identity of a person or place. Without it, everything would simply be a blank slate. No one can determine his or her origin and why the culture is set as is. It is the history which makes a place particularly appealing to individuals. It is why tourists come and visit these places in the first place. A place without a history is almost unthinkable. It is unfathomable because it is almost impossible. It may be that the history is not yet discovered – that specialists are still trying to make sense of its past. But every place has its origin and this is what makes up its history.  


Preserved MV is a website that gives you information on this history of many places here in the United States. With the help of our partner organizations who trust us through and through, we wish to serve you by giving you information on the places you enjoy the most, if not want to visit in the future. From different types of architecture to historical towns, and landmarks, we have it all listed here just for you. We’ll give you all the necessary information you need.  


Do you wonder what has become of this historical structures now? Who are the current dwellers of the place? Here, you would know. We are going to give you a comprehensive timeline so you won’t get behind in tracing their history from past to present. Even the renovations that were made throughout the years. You’ll be amazed at how some of the structures were transformed into museums and business establishments. There are even those which were renovated to be another beautiful residential area that would be a highlight of the town and city. The new owners even added a modern touch, some of which have custom garage doors in Tempe. 


If you are a fan of everything historical, then you would appreciate this the more. It would also become easier for you to filter what places you want to go to next, what place you have already been, and what should be a part of your bucket list. Come to think of it, it is as if we already made your bucket list for you. All you need to do is to plan an itinerary so you can some of them when you have the time. You can even come with the whole family including your children because this can be a learning experience for them. Take them back through the past through the portals available here on this site. 


The internet now is a vast source of information. Too bad there are times when it can be overwhelming. There are also times when its content could be misleading. But here with Preserved MV, you won’t have such problems because all of the information we include here are legitimate. You can check them out at the historical records and see how truthful our words are. What we are aiming here is to give individuals easy access to historical information which is really important especially for generations to come.